“How Did You Find San Carlos” Blog Contest Winner!


Many thanks for the submissions to my “How Did You Find San Carlos” Blog Contest. It was fun reading the stories of native San Carlans along with folks like myself who heard about “The City of Good Living” from friends or family.

The contest winner is Gail Langkusch, who has lived in San Carlos since she was 1 year old!

Here is Gail’s story:

My parents moved me here in 1952 when I was one-year-old! Bought new house on Brittan Avenue between Tamarack and Cordilleras. Sidewalks were not yet put in, and Brittan Avenue ended at Alameda de las Pulgas. Once we had sidewalks and lawns, the neighborhood kids would play outside from sunrise to sunset. The neighbors all knew each other and socialized with each other. When children started school, whether they went to Brittan Acres or St. Charles, they all walked, unaccompanied by parents, together to and from the schools. We walked to and played at Burton Park and walked to a “Mayberry-type” downtown, without our parents. Life was very different back-in-the-day. Small town where everyone knew your name. When I was a sassy 14-year-old, my family of six moved to Debbie Place off of Eaton Avenue. By then, both Carlmont High School and San Carlos High school were built. I attended San Carlos High School, as did my three younger siblings, Again, we all walked to and from our high schools, and there was no SamTrans to take us anywhere. No one worried about obesity or Diabetes, as we were active children who never sat around doing nothing. Still live in this great city of San Carlos in a home I purchased, and still walk just about anywhere within a two mile radius. Would not want to live anywhere else.

Gail chose a $50 gift card to Spasso for her prize and I delivered it today. Heartfelt congratulations to Gail!

Happy Thanksgiving to all – may you enjoy special time with your loved ones.


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