New Craft Coffee & Tea Café in San Carlos – Mints + Honey

Tucked in the southern end of San Carlos, there is a brand new craft coffee and tea café, Mints & Honey. I sat down with one of the owners, Dot Teng, to learn more about their story.  The bright and sunny spot started as an event space in 2015 with frontage on El Camino Real.  Dot and her sister, Canna, always envisioned a café as part of their space, it took time and planning for their vision to come to fruition. Dot and Canna’s Mints & Honey journey began in 2005 when they partnered to start a floral design business, Mints Design. Their floral business grew and their...

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An Interview with Renee Barton of Redwood Grill

As you might have learned from some of my earlier blog posts, I am a big fan of community interest stories, especially when they are about local, entrepreneurial women. I recently sat down with Renee Barton, the owner of Redwood Grill in the Woodside Plaza shopping center in Redwood City. Redwood Grill opened this summer and has quickly become a locals' favorite restaurant.  Their menu focus is California comfort food and they have an excellent wine list plus a full bar...

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“How Did You Find San Carlos” Blog Contest Winner!

Many thanks for the submissions to my "How Did You Find San Carlos" Blog Contest. It was fun reading the stories of native San Carlans along with folks like myself who heard about "The City of Good Living" from friends or family. The contest winner is Gail Langkusch, who has lived in San Carlos since she was 1 year old! Here is Gail's story: My parents moved me here in 1952 when I was one-year-old! Bought new house on Brittan Avenue between Tamarack and Cordilleras. Sidewalks were not yet put in, and Brittan Avenue ended at Alameda de las Pulgas. Once we had sidewalks and lawns, the neighborhood kids would...

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New Salad Restaurant Coming to San Carlos!

Our Dwell office is on the southern end of Laurel Street in San Carlos which has experienced recent growth in the past few years with the addition of Trader Joe's and several popular restaurants like Johnston's Saltbox, Three Pigs, and The Office. I'm always looking for healthy dining out options and luckily we have another excellent option coming soon - The Toss! I reached out to The Toss owner, Tracy Everett, a local San Carlos mom to get the scoop. There's something to be said for a woman starting her own business with passion and excitement AND even more so when it is in my town and...

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