Episode 8: Looking Beyond Scores in School Selection

This one is dear to my heart inspired by a presentation I recently attended hosted by my fellow Realtor Carrie DuBois (and Sequoia Union High School District Trustee) by Naomi Hunter, former Communications Director of Redwood City School District. Dig deeper than the scores my friends! Ask more, delve into qualitative information and don’t depend on just one website to pick a school...

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Episode 5: How to Develop a Home Buyer’s Mindset

Here is this week's vlog, Episode 5, on how buyer's can develop their home buyer's mindset. The San Francisco mid-peninsula housing market is one of the most competitive real estate markets in the world and these tips will help buyers be successful! Reach out anytime if you want help in your home search and in creating your own home buyer's mindset. <center? ...

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