Episode 13: San Carlos Education Foundation

This week I highlight the local non-profit San Carlos Education Foundation. SCEF raises funds each year to help bridge the gap in funding from the State of California to the San Carlos School District to provide a well-rounded education to every child, every day in every classroom. We are in the middle of our Make It Happen In May campaign to raise funds for the Annual Fund! Learn more at ...

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Episode 8: Looking Beyond Scores in School Selection

This one is dear to my heart inspired by a presentation I recently attended hosted by my fellow Realtor Carrie DuBois (and Sequoia Union High School District Trustee) by Naomi Hunter, former Communications Director of Redwood City School District. Dig deeper than the scores my friends! Ask more, delve into qualitative information and don’t depend on just one website to pick a school...

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Redwood City Schools Update

This morning I attended an informational session for local Realtors about the Redwood City School District to get an update about all of the exciting changes happening in the district. It was very informative and I enjoyed the update from Dr. John Baker, Redwood City School District Superintendent, the Redwood City Education Foundation and Redwood City School Board Trustee President, Hilary Paulson. There are many factors to consider in choosing a neighborhood. School choice is a very big one, especially if you have children or may in the future. Strong public schools have even proven to help insulate property values in market declines. I often talk with families and...

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Interview with the new Arroyo School Principal

This morning I sat down with Marie Crawford, Principal of Arroyo School. Marie graciously answered my questions amidst the flurry of activity to get the new school ready for their ribbon cutting ceremony Monday, August 22nd at 4:00PM and the first day of school on Wednesday, August 24th. Alana: What are you most excited for? Marie: It’s the excitement in general; I have noticed it with all of the children - they are thrilled! They will come by, peek in and I’ll let them know we are still setting up and they’ll yell, “Thank you!” It’s all exciting -- the energy from the kids, the parents, the teachers. To...

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