Episode 8: Looking Beyond Scores in School Selection

This one is dear to my heart inspired by a presentation I recently attended hosted by my fellow Realtor Carrie DuBois (and Sequoia Union High School District Trustee) by Naomi Hunter, former Communications Director of Redwood City School District. Dig deeper than the scores my friends! Ask more, delve into qualitative information and don’t depend on just one website to pick a school… this isn’t a washer or dryer.

Personal anecdote… when I moved to San Carlos in 2002, I never gave too much thought to high school. I presumed we would send our kids to private school should we feel public school not be a good fit (me reluctant and my husband expectant based solely upon our own HS experiences); and now, with an eighth grader, and almost too many amazing choices for high school, she chose Sequoia HS, which actually has the lowest rating on, in our local high school district, and we were blown away with the offerings at the school, diversity and culture.



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